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Flooded and Flooded Study Guide

by Nicki Koziarz

Favored By: Jamie

April 18, 2021

Jamie Says

Nicki takes a familiar story of obedience, in and out of the storm, and walks us through her own downpour. She has given us a map for navigating the roads when the rains begin to fall and do not seem to let up.


Please, God, no more hard things.
Most of us know what it's like to whisper those words to God. Hard circumstances often stir something so destructive in a soul: doubt.

Through this six-session study guide, Nicki Koziarz will lead you through the biblical account of Noah and help you uncover the five best decisions to make when life is hard and doubt is rising.

This study guide, for group or individual use, is designed to accompany the book Flooded and teaching videos (sold separately). The study will help you:

● Gain a deeper understanding of the biblical account of Noah by studying the Scriptures in-depth.

● Learn to memorize Scriptures to help deflect doubt in your life.

● Answer reflection questions that will bring insight and wisdom to your own doubt-struggle.

● Develop a daily Bible study habit that will help you walk with godly confidence into hard situations.

It's time to quiet the fear that God won't come through by understanding the difference between biblical hope and wishful thinking. The Flooded Study Guide and teaching videos will get you there one session at a time.