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Four Views on Hell

by Zondervan

Knox Says

One of my favorite reads when researching All Things Reconsidered. A must read if you've wondered about hell but never found the resources to think more deeply about it.


Recent years have seen much controversy regarding hell: Do we go to heaven or hell when we die? Or do we cease to exist? Are believers and unbelievers ultimately saved in the end?

This second edition of Four Views on Hell, featuring all new contributors, highlights why the church still needs to wrestle with the doctrine of hell. In the familiar counterpoints format, four leading scholars introduce us to the current views on eternal judgment, with particular attention being given to the new voices that have entered the debate.

Contributors and views include:

Denny Burk: Eternal Conscious Torment
John Stackhouse: Annihilationism (Conditional Immortality)
Robin Parry: Universalism (Ultimate Reconciliation)
Jerry Walls: Purgatory
General editor Preston Sprinkle concludes the discussion by evaluating each view, noting significant points of exchange between the essayists. The interactive nature of the volume allows the reader to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each view and come to an informed conclusion.