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I Kid You Not

Welcome to I Kid You Not

We’re kicking off the new year with a brand new episode series here at The Bible Binge called I Kid You Not: Growing a Child’s Faith When You’re a Grown-Up Without All the Answers. This little primer will tell you all you need to know about Erin and our brand-new host Meredith Anne Miller! You’ll hear how this idea originated, what to expect from the episodes, and why Erin and Meredith are the ones hosting it. We’re SO EXCITED to finally share this series with you!

Note: We mention that the brand new I Kid You Not Newsletter will release with the episode, but you can not expect that on Tuesday (we don’t want to give you too much goodness in one day!).


God is doing a nu thang here at the Bible Binge!

Faith adjacent's jersey is getting retired, but never fear! We're launching a new episode series called Stuff We Didn't Get in Sunday school, as well as revamping Seminary with all sorts of fun content. You want a 5-Day Devotional for The Incredible Hulk? You got it. You want a weekly Mini Favored or Forsaken episode? You got it. Have a spiritual conundrum you need Erin to solve like a Hermeneutical Vanilla Ice? YOU GOT IT. All that and more in Seminary. Check it out!

The Bible Binge Seminary

With all the changes here at the Bible Binge, our Patreon community is getting a little facelift as well. Join more than 2,700 of your fellow Bible Binge listeners to access Patreon-only content like extended gentle rebukes and ad-free episodes, as well as our monthly movie deep dive, Sacred Cinema, Erin's Bible Scholar QTNAs, and the Faith Adjacent Book Club. All this for just $5/month AND you can say you're in seminary.

The Popcast

We have another podcast: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. It's a weekly show about pop culture where we educate on the things that entertain, but don't matter.

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