Season 6, Episode 5: The Ten Commandments

Welcome to Season 6 of The Bible Binge. Season 6 is all about legendary lawgiver and prophet supreme, Moses.  

We asked the questions:

  • What if there was a podcast that used pop culture literacy to enhance your biblical literacy?

  • What if you could listen to a recap of the Bible like a recap of your favorite TV show?

Join us for a ride on eagles’ wings as we talk about those famously chiseled instructions, The Ten Commandments. This season of The Bible Binge is about legendary law-giver and prophet supreme, Moses, and in this episode he has a heart-to-heart with God on the top of a fiery mountain that will impact the fate of modern society as we know it.



Our resident Bible scholar Erin Moon offers a gentle rebuke at the end of every episode. Erin is a Bible study editor and COO of The Popcast Media Group from Birmingham. Find her on Instagram.


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