Season 7, Episode 1: Balaam and The Donkey

Welcome to Season 7 of The Bible Binge. The Bible is filled with really strange stories that may leave you scratching your head. Naturally, we decided to dedicate an entire season to them! Season 7 is all about the weird things God makes people do, and we are hundo-p here to embrace all of them.

We asked the questions:

  • What if there was a podcast that used pop culture literacy to enhance your biblical literacy?

  • What if you could listen to a recap of the Bible like a recap of your favorite TV show?

Buckle up for the Wizard of Oz of Bible stories. In this episode we tell a tale of divination, blank checks to pay for nefarious activities, mercenary prophets, and even a mysterious talking donkey. Plus, we settle the score on the difference between a horse, a donkey, and a mule. The world needs to know.



Our resident Bible scholar Erin Moon offers a gentle rebuke at the end of every episode. Erin is a Bible study editor and COO of The Popcast Media Group from Birmingham. Find her on Instagram.


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Christiana Hill