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These episodes are the OG episodes of the Bible Binge as they were the first ones we made. They are casual and conversational forays into classic a bible story/passage as if it were a book, movie, or TV show.

Then, in case we are accidentally sacrilegious, Erin joins us at the end of the episode to rebuke us and add some supplementary knowledge and context to the story.

If you like stories from the Bible but wish you could get them with more colorful commentary and historical context, then you’ll really like these episodes.

If you don’t like stories from the Bible, we urge you to succeed where Lot’s wife failed and run from these particular episodes.

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Adam and Eve

November 5, 2021

We're revisiting the story of Adam and Eve from our debut episode of The Bible Binge.


October 8, 2021

Brace yourself because in this episode we’re covering the entire book of Job.

Season 14, Episode 3: Gideon

September 5, 2021

Knox and Jamie deep dive the greatest judge in Israel’s history, Gideon. Was Gideon a military super force or simply a willing vessel? Find out…

Season 14, Episode 2: Jael

August 8, 2021

This week we deep-dive our most requested biblical character, the tent-maker turned tent-murderer Jael.

Season 14, Episode 1: Lazarus

July 11, 2021

In this resurrection amuse-bouche of a story, we revisit some familiar characters, explore Jewish burial practices, and how to contain your eye-rolling when your rabbi…

Season 13, Episode 6: Death Under Nero

June 20, 2021

From shipwrecks to city-wide fires, this episode has everything you would want from a season finale including Shark Tank pitches and confusing cliffhangers.

Season 13, Episode 5: Lydia and the Jailer

June 6, 2021

There's a tiny group of new believers, a wealthy lady who just might be funding the whole church, a jailer and his family who previously…

Season 13, Episode 4: Paul vs. Peter

May 23, 2021

We enter the Thunderdome as Paul and Peter butt heads. Is this dispute a Godzilla vs. Kong level throwdown, or is this simply a gentleman’s…

Season 13, Episode 3: Paul’s Conversion

May 9, 2021

Saddle up your horse because we're taking you to Damascus Road as we explore how to balance tradition with reconsideration.

Season 13, Episode 2: Stephen

April 25, 2021

This week we zero in on Stephen, the eloquent martyr who just might inspire you to quit your day job and become a missionary.